The "Oscar-2016"

by Anabel Shop

That was a regular film award ceremony the "Oscar-2016". The most prestigious award in the field of cinema and any activities connected with it - world event, which are prepared throughout the year all the actors, actresses, journalists, critics, presenters, directors, organizers and many others, without exception. Thousands of spotlights and flashes of cameras, whipped the waves of emotion and excitement, intrigue and sincere joy, stunning outfits and pricey jewelry, not the applause to die down and splashes of champagne - all of this is the "Oscar-2016".

This year, the ceremony turned out much more concise and more refined than in the past year (nothing like the Madonna's dress of the fifteenth). Most of the movie stars and gently picked up delicious images of themselves, allowing rightly be called this year one of the most stylish in the history of film awards.

Lady Gaga

Jared Leto

Reese Witherspoon

And finally, of course, the winner - Leonardo Di Caprio with his first Oscar

Always up to date with fashion events,

your Anabel Crystal.



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